Easy ways to make your work from home productive?

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

All of a sudden, everyone shifted to Work From Home, all over the globe. Because of the availability, few used dining tables, few of them remain to work from their beds and few had their work table ready.

After spending more than a year Working from home, most of us tired sitting in the same place and working in front of the screens.

Here are few quick tips to make your experience of working from home better than what it can be.

Tips on making a good Work From Setup

One gets great results when the tools are right

- A touch of green

They are definitely good for adding a color to you work, bring an end to the boring work setup. According to studies, people who engage in gardening activity or atleast watering the plants, are known to have reduced stress levels in the work place compared to time when they had to work the whole day without it.

The conclusion is that adding plants to your minimal office settings, bring about happier environment with increase in productivity. And we all know this is all apart from purifying the air and keeping your lungs clean.

Some most common indoor plants to bring freshness to your study are Money Plant, Snake plant, Monstera Deliciosa, Spider Plant, Peace Lily, etc.

- Adjustable height table (Pamper yourself)

Ergonomic height adjustable desk

Check why do you need a Height adjustable Table Here.

- Exercise

Movement - Sedantry life is the most common cause of back pain and reduces your efficiency in the work place. Make it a habit that after every 2 hours of work you get up and make some movement.

- The perfect chair

Ergonomic chair

Think about it! after the lock down, you are spending more time on your chair rather than in your car (on which people normally spend a huge sum) or sitting on your sofa. It is very well clear that a comfortable chair can help you focus on your work rather on your back pain and intern improve the productivity. A chair which is not fit for you can cause discomfort and can lead to serious posture problems.

Tips on how to get a good chair -

First of all there is NO such thing as a one perfect chair for everyone. Every individual is different and needs a chair which supports their body perfectly.

Always TRY the chair before buying and definitely avoid sitting on dining chairs or the chairs which them selves look stiff.

Look out for our upcoming blog on how to select the right ERGONOMIC CHAIR for yourself.

- Clutter free environment

Clutter free desk

This is not something new but for sure this is important. We just need to remind us again that we are wasting 15 - 20 Mins daily struggling to reach or find things we need in our everyday work. Disorganized setting causes a lack of productivity and hence decreases the confidence to get your work done, maybe in a very small way, but we are here to look at every possible way to improve our productivity.

A quick tip - get all your important daily need things in front of you where you can reach them easily without literally thinking of searching them. Organize them so that everything is within your arms reach.

Take away - get a good storage for your desk


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