Why use a standing desk (Height adjustable table)?

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

A standing desk can change the way people work on day to day basis. It is known to us that movement while you work can have enormous health benefits. On contrary, Numerous studies have shown over the years that stagnant life is the route cause of many underlying body health problems.

We all know sitting TOO much is bad for our health. People who sit too much are more likely to get health problem and more risk of diabetes.

Having a monotonous day? Break the sedentary life and make your day more productive with a height adjustable table. Try adjusting your desk to the standing position and feel the difference a few minutes on your feet can make! Not only is it a boost for your physical health, the added movement and a change of scene freshens your mind and helps you stay alert, productive, and creative.

With our smart height adjustable desks, you can easily and quickly adjust your standing desk height from sitting to standing and back again with four built-in memory settings that you can customize to suit your exact height needs. With in built USB charging point to support your device along with you. Ergonomics was never this easy before!

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